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3 Secrets To Offering WordPress Services
In Your VA Business
Learn how lucrative WordPress knowledge can be!
* this is a recording of a live WordPress webinar *
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What You Will Learn On This FREE Webinar
Secret 1
The key things you need to know besides WordPress & there's more to it than you think.
Secret 2
The skills you MUST have to work with clients besides WordPress.
Secret 3
How to structure your WordPress packages to sell your expertise NOT your time.
Why Watch This Webinar
I'm Susan Mershon, The Techie Mentor and I've been teaching Virtual Assistants the in-demand skills and systems they need to get clients, earn more money and build a successful business since 2013.
Here's a few reasons why you need to watch this free training webinar:
  • WordPress is a highly marketable skill that can earn you twice as much as admin skills.
  •  It's one of the tools all Virtual Assistants should know because 95% of your clients will have a WordPress website and need helping managing it.
  •  If you're curious how to package, price and promote WordPress as a service, I'd love for you to join this webinar. 
  •  No experience in WordPress is necessary to attend.
  •  In this free training, I'll share my 3 top secrets on what you need to know along with common mistakes to avoid and useful tips & tricks.
  •  You'll leave the webinar with an action plan to easily learn WordPress plus examples of packages you can implement in your business.
* this is a recording of a live WordPress webinar *
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